“Live with insatiable passion, create an empowered life and inspire others to live theirs.” 

- Janelle Johnston -

Janelle Johnston works with individuals and companies to reach their peak performance. If you are an individual that wants to increase your public speaking ability, or you are an organiser of a conference and are looking for a speaker to inspire your team to reach those team objectives or maybe you are a leader in business and you are looking for someone to support the training of your team so that they can achieve those company goals, JJ may be the person you have been searching for. Explore this website to learn more about how JJ can support your needs.  Download your copy of your free ebook and watch the videos with Janelle in action to see if she is a fit for what you are looking for.

JJ has been featured as a Key Person of Influence with:

Janelle Johnston as the Treasurer Secretary at Business Networking International

BNI® is the world's largest business networking, referrals and word of mouth marketing organization and operates in over 64 countries globally. Watch the video above to see Janelle in action as the Treasurer Secretary of the Geelong Chapter in Australia.

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Public Speaking Training

JJ has worked with:

Chelsea Dolby
Executive Regional Vice President Arbonne
Australia & New Zealand

“Thank you Janelle for your amazing knowledge and skills!! Since I have completed your speaker course, I have so much more clarity and laser beam focus on the direction of my business. I have so much more confidence presenting in front of an audience that I have since gone on to achieve amazing success speaking to a room full of people about my personal story. If it wasn't for Janelle, I would have never volunteered to not step, but leap outside my comfort zone and speak up about domestic violence. Thank you for empowering me to become the best version of myself.”